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Lord of the Flies is a book that, despite some critical lulls, has stood the test of time. Written after World War II, Lord of the Flies has fought its way through social.

Lord of the Flies. Study Guide. Short Answer. Explain two symbols from the novel. Conch, Scar, Lord of the Flies, Glasses, Jack, Roger, Simon. Explain two types of literary devices used in the novel. Essay Topics for Lord of the Flies. You must choose one topic.

DO NOT WRITE A SUMMARY. All essays will be five paragraphs. You must use concrete details from the novel to support your. essays and discussion* Multiple-choice and essay test* Chapter-by-chapter reproducible study guide* Vocabulary found throughout the book With this downloadable Teaching Unit for Lord of the Flies, students will examine a wide variety of weighty themes, including order versus chaos, the loss of.

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