Essay on capital infusion for public sector banks

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Weekly Business Roundup: Markets end flat, PSU banks to get capital infusion

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Capital Injection

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Capital infusion in public sector banks a band-aid solution

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The Finance Ministry is working on capital infusion strategy for the Public Sector Banks October 15, Admin The finance ministry is working on capital infusion strategy for the public sector banks (PSBs) and it is expected to be finalised by December, according to official sources.

The government’s plan to amalgamate the roughly two dozen public sector banks into six large institutions is part of its attempt to bolster the capital base of these lenders. The government’s reform process will ensure that banks stay away from this point of almost no return in the long run.

Rs 88139 crore capital infusion in PSU Banks

Why Capital Infusion In Public Sector Banks Is A Welcome Move Swarajya. Impact of Capital Structure on Performance of Listed Public Sector Banks in India A.M.

Govt announces Rs 11 lakh cr capital infusion for NPA hit public sector banks

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The public sector banks which are teetering under the burden of non-performing assets need help from the government in the form of capital support. Former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Raghuram Rajan has said that government capital support for bad-loan ridden public sector banks is essential.

Essay on capital infusion for public sector banks
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