English vs french for foreign students

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Learning a foreign language a ‘must’ in Europe, not so in America

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Why are foreign students in France 'Europe's unhappiest'?

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Of course, if you do not understand any French, choosing to take your courses in English is something that you should plan to do. Since there are so many international students attending colleges and. Food wars: French international student Manuela compares the English cuisine with her native French food.

How to Study Abroad in France for Free what you’re looking for is many happy-looking people speaking French, the lack of an English-language menu, and a fat chef. and then take the entrance exam for foreign students in France in May or June for admission the following year.

Admissions decisions are released in late June or early July. What can we learn from French universities?

The differences between English and French

By Tim Gore OBE Are there many international students at French universities? Do French students tend to study abroad at all? Do French and English-speaking universities face the same challenges in becoming more international? There is a common myth among English speakers in the United States that Spanish is much easier to learn than French.

In high school, many students chose Spanish in order to meet the foreign language credit requirement. Studying a second foreign language for at least one year is compulsory in more than 20 European countries.

In most European countries, students begin studying their first foreign language as a compulsory school subject between the ages of 6 and 9.

English vs french for foreign students
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Language differences: English - French