Drug testing essay conclusion

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Drug testing for welfare recipients needs to be put into action in all states because taxpayer money should not condone illegal drug use. With this policy, law-abiding citizens are protected and illegal drug users are penalized. Drug testing essay equipment market.

Check research paper narrative format ielts essay type reading test international travel essay vlog (future of computers essay flight attendants) essay on student grades. Media and networking essay mass communication. Essay on world nature. In conclusion, I have talked about the effects of drugs in our society, and what the outcome and problems it makes within our community and our family.

I will also conclude that there is a better way instead of using drugs, the best way is to seek an education and try and stay busy instead of going the wrong way about thinking of using drugs.

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We resolve that drug testing is an invasion of privacy and infringes on employees' personal rights. We will show that drug testing is a violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

The courts maintained this interpretation until recently. There is an ongoing debate on whether drug testing of welfare recipients is legal in many of the local state governments. We will write a custom essay sample on Should people on welfare have to be drug tested specifically for you for only We will write a custom essay sample on Should people on welfare have to be drug tested specifically.

Conclusion. Drug testing can have an important role in safety-critical and other occupations where the public is entitled to expect the highest standards of safety and probity. Aside from this, there is no justification for drug testing simply as a way of policing the private behaviour of the workforce, nor is it an appropriate tool for dealing.

Drug testing essay conclusion
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